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Whisper option

Whisper option offers unique technical solution of overflow gutter with special designed inner construction. This solution is suitable mainly to the space, where any sound of overflow water is not allowed. Whisper option is available for NIVEKO pools type MULTI, ADVANCE, EVOLUTION and UNDERFLOW.


Self-standing option

Overflow type MULTI is available also in a self-standing option. Being installed on a concrete floor and only fixed to the surroundings by a concrete belt around the upper shell of the pool structure, this unique technical solution offers a comfortable space to check the outer shell and all utility lines. The combination of being a self-standing, insulated as well as a custom built makes this pool very popular for inside use.


In addition to the classic rectangular-shape pools with sharp or rounded corners, we also deliver pools of any atypical dimensions and ground plans.

bazen tvar obdelnik bazen tvar atypicky

To enter the pool comfortably and safely, you can choose stairs in many variants.

bazen-vstup-schody-1.jpg bazen-vstup-schody-2.jpg bazen-vstup-schody-3.jpg

For an exclusive appearance of the pool, the method of the automatic covering is the most perfect and modern. This protects the pool, thermally insulating it as well, thanks to which the operating costs are reduced. Through its natural, unobtrusive appearance, it does not disturb aesthetically and seems to be naturally integrated in the surroundings.

  • The pool water maintains its temperature better and does not evaporate.
  • The use of solar lamellas enables self-heating of water by means of sunshine, which results in cost reduction and provides for environmentally friendly operation of the pool.


All our pool types are technologically optimized for reliable and economical use.

Automatic dosing of chemicals and economical water heating are natural technologies used in our pools. The Ecostream function automatically controls the filtration output depending on the pool operation, which results in reduction of costs and ecological load.

bazeny-technologie-1.jpg bazeny-technologie-2.jpg

By monitoring the state-of-the art trends in the branch and closely co-operating with our partners, we search for and develop such design elements as to highlight the uniqueness of our pool, making it functional and practical at the same time. Our pools of all types are technologically optimized for trouble-free and economical operation.

bazeny-design-1.jpg bazeny-design-2.jpg bazeny-design-3.jpg bazeny-design-4.jpg bazeny-design-5.jpg

bazen-konfigurator.jpg +++++

Our pools can be adapted to your ideas

The final appearance of your pool is only up to you. In the configurator, you can easily set all parameters according to your ideas; subsequently, we shall manufacture and built a customized pool for you.

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We are concerned with quality

Perfect workmanship and long service life of our pools are our priority. Therefore, we carefully choose every supplier participating in our manufacture.

Control your pool with your smartphone

By using our application nPooL control, you can monitor your pool online. Directly in your mobile or tablet, you can control not only the water temperature, but also the pool covering, lights and most of the other settings.

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