The H. Family



The H. family is enjoying their new home, surrounded by stunning countryside in the heart of Sweden. Only one last thing was needed to make it perfect - a swimming pool, which would wonderfully complement their lifestyle.

The elegant and modern design of their NIVEKO swimming pool was perfectly integrated into the overall concept and became the centrepoint to some unforgettable moments of family joy and harmony. All in all, the ideal way to create beautiful memories and make the most of the garden space.

Modern stairs
Stone grey
The elegant and modern aesthetics perfectly enhance the overall impression. The use of top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship guarantee durability and longevity.

For the installation work, the family opted for Ellips pool, which was recommended by a trusted acquaintance. Their determination, quick response to inquiries and willingness to take unique ideas on board set them apart from the others. Whatever the time of day, they were always ready to address the H. family’s ideas and needs and did their best to take all their requirements into account. Also, their exceptional customer service and in-depth knowledge of the product portfolio made them the ideal choice when purchasing a NIVEKO pool.
When envisioning their dream pool, they had a specific idea in mind, combining flawless elegance and efficiency. The pool, dimension 9 x 3.7 x 1.5 m, was beautifully integrated into the overall concept of the terrace. The family opted for features such as the Aquadeck PC Solar slat cover, which uses solar energy to heat the water. The pool also includes a slatted cover beach with entrance to pool, which conceals the slat cover, to create an elegant and discreet entrance. In this case, the technology is placed on a technological board.

Ellips Pool worked closely with the owners to turn their vision into reality, creating a state-of-the-art pool design that seamlessly blends in with their new home, with the end result being both harmonious and functional.

According to the H. family, the whole process from delivery to installation was very smooth and went without a hitch. The NIVEKO pool not only met but actually exceeded the owners' expectations. It is a fantastic addition to the house, a source of unparalleled enjoyment and relaxation.

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