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nPooL planner

Close your eyes. And imagine
your dream pool

Where water embraces your body and takes you into its arms. You succumb to its power and let yourself be pleasantly carried away. You can treat yourself to perfect relaxation every day. Discover a new lifestyle with NIVEKO pools. Each pool in unique – just like you. Design your own pool just how you want it. To make it a natural part of your garden. And your family.

Design your pool
nPooL control

Less time spent on maintenance.
More for you and your family

Remember those times when you felt absolutely carefree. You’re sure to recall times you spent with your family and close friends. Now you can all enjoy your swimming pool together undisturbed. The nPooL control application monitors your pool in real time and lets you control it easily from anywhere. After all, water is an element and sometimes needs to be tamed.

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