NIVEKO Skimmer Invisible

Technological innovation is what makes NIVEKO pools the top tier of our industry. Exclusively developed by NIVEKO, the Skimmer Invisible is an original solution, which takes the skimmer pool experience to a whole new level.


The Skimmer Invisible set directly in the pool wall allows the water level to be as high as possible.

Who is the pool designed for?

The clean, literally invisible design of the Skimmer Invisible is the perfect choice if you are seeking an elegant skimmer solution offering the greatest possible comfort and convenience.

Where is the pool designed for?

The Skimmer Invisible can be installed outdoors or indoors.
The Invisible boasts a completely unique solution of skimmer opening set directly in the pool wall. It offers a stylish design that allows the water level to be as high as possible while being very simple to install and maintain.

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The H. Family

The H. family is enjoying their new home, surrounded by stunning countryside in the heart of Sweden. Only one last thing was needed to make it perfect - a swimming pool, which would wonderfully complement their lifestyle.

The elegant and modern design of their NIVEKO swimming pool was perfectly integrated into the overall concept and became the centrepoint to some unforgettable moments of family joy and harmony. All in all, the ideal way to create beautiful memories and make the most of the garden space.

Type Skimmer Invisible
Country Sweden
Partner Ellips Pool
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The H. Family