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Having your own pool is not only a place to have fun and relax, but also where we make memories together and enjoy some quality time with our family or friends. Mr. Lohmann's decision to buy a pool was motivated by several factors, including his children's love of water sports, his own personal interest in sports and swimming, and the great potential for relaxation and recreation offered by the pool.
Modern stairs
Stone grey
Information about the material was the essential factor that led Mr Lohmann to opt for a NIVEKO pool. High-Tech Polymer is a material specially modified for swimming pools and offers several major advantages. The material is highly resistant to UV radiation and the damaging effects of chlorine, both on the colour and on the material itself. The potential to have the pool individually customised to suit the family played a major role, as did the price/performance ratio. The decision was also supported by the expert advice provided by Sommerpool.

Mr Lohmann heard about a NIVEKO Profi partner near his home after the company was recommended by his neighbours. His choice was significantly influenced by their excellent experience with Sommerpool.
Mr Lohmann had a clear idea for the design of the pool, and that was exactly what he got. The grey Skimmer Invisible measuring 11.2 x 3 x 1.42 m has blended in beautifully with the slightly overhanging terrace that seamlessly merges with the terrace around the house. The pool has an Aquadeck PC Metallic Solar slat cover, housed in a slatted cover beach with entrance to pool. All the pool built-ins are stainless steel and are embedded into the pool wall, adding a touch of luxury.

The delivery went without a hitch and the pool and its quality far surpassed Mr Lohmann's expectations. Both he and his whole family now enjoy it enormously.

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