Quality and detail reflected in exceptional design

The essence of quality

The NIVEKO Plus concept combines functional elegance, perfectly refined craftsmanship and the human touch of manual production. The quality of the material coupled with our precision production process guarantee a first-class product that meets even the most demanding requirements. NIVEKO Plus is in a class if its own with stainless-steel components that have been designed based on the years of experience gained by NIVEKO in cooperation with verified suppliers.

The purest form of luxury

NIVEKO Plus offers a crystal-clear vision embodied in its purest form. Proven know-how in harmonious interplay with state-of-the-art production technology guarantees premium workmanship and a touch of luxury.

Produced with integrity

NIVEKO Plus pools represent the absolute peak of our skills. An uncompromising approach with the clear goal of putting together the ultimate product from finely crafted parts. That is why every NIVEKO Plus pool is covered by an extended 12-year warranty.

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