Quality and detail reflected in exceptional design

Create your own original

The NIVEKO Plus concept opens the door to a world of endless possibilities, where your imagination becomes reality. Enjoy the highest degree of personalisation and flexibility when creating your own water paradise. NIVEKO Plus offers a crystal-clear vision embodied in its purest form. Proven know-how in harmonious interplay with state-of-the-art production technology guarantees premium workmanship and a touch of luxury.

Customized to perfection

With NIVEKO Plus, we turn your vision into a real product. Choose from a wide range of pool types and customise it to suit your own individual ideas. In addition to the standard range, you also have the choice of Overflow Underflow, Overflow Multi or Skimmer Top Level. Whatever size or shape you want, or if you have other specific requirements, you’re in the right place with NIVEKO Plus.

Unlimited possibilities

Discover the potential of a multi-level bottom that transforms your pool. It lets you create different depths and immerse yourself in a new world of pool enjoyment. Atypically shaped pools or pools installed where there is limited space can be conveniently assembled in your garden. Don’t compromise when getting your pool and make your home the perfect place.

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Pool configurator The nPooL Planner will open the way to new experiences

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