Geserick family



A pool is the best possible addition to a beautiful, modern home. Perfect harmony can be achieved by choosing the right configuration. Thanks to the wide range of configuration options, it was a NIVEKO pool that made the Geserick family’s project absolute perfection.
Modern stairs
Stone grey
Right from the very start, the young family’s new home was designed as a stylish work of architecture combining elegance with practical features to make day-to-day life more convenient. The building, which features a strong emphasis on rectangular design, is instantly eye-catching and is the perfect example of the power and charm of simplicity. An Overflow Evolution pool was very tastefully chosen for this concept. The Evolution is characterised by its minimalist lines, making it a timeless choice. The grey colour matches the house and accentuates the main idea behind the project.

However, functionality was also a priority – the family also purchased the pool for the children. Now they can all spend those sweltering summer days by their own luxury pool, in perfect privacy and comfort.
The Evolution also offers something extra with its built-in countercurrent, meaning even experienced swimmers will have plenty of fun in it. Sports and relaxation, a complete experience in every respect. At 10.0 x 3.2 x 1.4 m in size, the pool is a real multi-purpose leisure centre point for the whole family.

The NIVEKO Plus stainless-steel built-ins complement the pool nicely, with premium quality details adding to the overall impression. The pool is accessed via a set of Modern stairs with a shallow end, and their design perfectly reflects the overall concept. Collaboration with the German NIVEKO Profi Partner POOL+HOME went very smoothly and the Gesericks cannot praise their new pool highly enough.

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