The reinforced overflow edge of the Evolution type leaves the maximum amount of space enabling the beauty of the clear water surface to stand out. Find inspiration in this life-giving element.


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Enjoy the ultimate pool experience. The water surface, which blends smoothly with the surroundings, creates the impression of a unified whole, opening up a whole new world of relaxation.

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The timeless design of the Overflow Evolution makes an impression like no other pool. Treat yourself to the ultimate minimalist experience.

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The NIVEKO Overflow Evolution is the perfect addition to the stylish concept of the modern house. For maximum silence, Evolution can be equipped with a quiet overflow variant Whisper. Its almost invisible edge will never go out of fashion, while also creating an aesthetically pleasing impression.
The Overflow Evolution boasts a reinforced polished edge 20 mm thick. It can be combined with large paving stones or wood for that signature touch. Discover a timeless design, leading the way to true evolution.

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The nPooL Planner pool configurator opens the way to new experiences

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Geserick family
A pool is the best possible addition to a beautiful, modern home. Perfect harmony can be achieved by choosing the right configuration. Thanks to the wide range of configuration options, it was a NIVEKO pool that made the Geserick family’s project absolute perfection.
Country Germany
Partner POOL+HOME GmbH
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Geserick family