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Ecological living has recently become more and more of a popular trend, and no wonder. The combination of natural elements with an aesthetic place to live, which includes a house, a garden and a swimming pool, add a pleasant atmosphere to day-to-day life. A NIVEKO pool plays a crucial role in this vision.
Modern stairs
Stone grey

Mr Fischer wanted to enhance his garden with a pool suitable for swimming. After discussing the matter with experts, he opted for NIVEKO, a choice backed by several fundamental arguments. Custom manual craftsmanship enables a unique pool configuration, 12 x 3.0 x 1.35 m in size, the perfect design for fitness swimming. The highly elegant design of the Overflow Evolution with its subtle and inconspicuous pool edge fits perfectly in with the organic style of the project. The choice of colour also played an important role, and the trendy grey matches the garden perfectly.

The Overflow that Mr Fischer chose is the perfect example of all the options customers can choose from for their configuration. The unique manufacturing process means that with the Whisper, the quiet version of the Overflow Evolution, the pool is absolutely silent, with nothing to disturb the experience. The built-in counter-current offers everything a sports swimmer could ask for, which both beginners and experienced swimmers are sure to appreciate.

The counter-current, as well as the lights and the jets, were chosen from the NIVEKO Plus premium range, which guarantees that the most meticulous manufacturing processes and high-quality stainless steel are used. Rollo Solar Melichar solar slats help to heat the water, reducing the pool’s regular energy consumption.

Cooperation with Renggli, the NIVEKO Partner, went as smoothly as could be. From the initial communication concerning the project as a whole through to the actual installation process, everything went as planned, handled in a clear and professional manner. Although Mr Fischer had initially contacted other companies, Renggli, managed by Mr Mühlbach, was the best choice from the start. This meant that the project was completed exactly in line with the idea envisaged by the new owner. The grey Overflow Evolution with its stairs Modern is a beautiful addition to the garden and complements the wood-clad façade of the house Moreover, there is also wood around the pool itself, as a terrace for relaxing and sunbathing. So, the new owners are now surrounded by nature in the comfort of their own home.

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