About Us

The ability to choose is what makes us all special. Each of our pools is unique and unforgettable – just like you.

30 years

Our tradition is based on more than 30 years of experience.

18 countries

NIVEKO pools are enjoyed by customers in 18 countries around Europe.

150 employees

That's how many of us make up our team - 150 enthusiasts who make customers' dreams come true every day.

The NIVEKO philosophy

Quality. Tradition. Responsibility. What makes our business approach so special is its human aspect and respect for the individuality of each and every customer. For NIVEKO, the customer always comes first. We supply a first-class product, hand-made to measure while using environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. We are happy that NIVEKO pools bring joy and an unforgettable experience to their owners in more than 18 countries around Europe.


Years of experience and know-how in the industry is the key to the direction NIVEKO is taking. We've never forgotten our roots as a family business and we continue to uphold the same values. We have been working together with the international Pollet Pool Group. since 2018. Knowledge of our history allows us to look to the future with confidence.

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People are the main element that drives the NIVEKO brand. Just as we are inspired by water and all its infinite forms, our team of exceptional people is what makes NIVEKO so special. We are a reliable ally for customers and business partners. We keep to our promises - and stand by our word.

The NIVEKO Family

The values of a family business have been an integral part of our company since its establishment. Although we have grown considerably over the last 25 years or so, our approach to our customers, partners and employees remains the same. Respect and regard for the fact that each of us is an individual, mutual respect and a friendly approach. This enables everyone to feel like a full-fledged member of the NIVEKO family.

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Nature comes first

The environment is the main thing that we will leave behind for future generations. That is why we strive to ensure that producing swimming pools does not place an unnecessary burden on nature. We make full use of cutting-edge technologies, and the effective processes we apply enable us to minimise the amount of waste generated during production. This waste is subsequently recycled, transformed into regranulate and then used in other branches of industry.


NIVEKO pools are a beautiful addition to any garden. Our one-of-a-kind portfolio of two skimmer and five overflow pools offers an unprecedented combination of design and technical performance, enabling every customer to build the pool of their dreams. Configuration options down to the finest detail – NIVEKO pools are truly custom-made.


High-Tech Polymer is a top-class material produced in Germany exclusively for NIVEKO. As it is coloured all the way through, the shade does not change and the high quality of the material prevents osmosis. Excellent craftsmanship guarantees that NIVEKO pools have a long service life, thus reducing any possible burden on the environment.


Manual craftsmanship, attention to detail and the highest possible quality requirements are what make NIVEKO pools so successful. We carefully ensure that every part is made with the utmost care – this is the only way to create a truly original pool. The desire for perfection is what drives us forward.

We support UNICEF

Social awareness and helping people in need are important issues that are very close to our heart, and to which we strive to seek solutions. This has led us to cooperate with UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, specifically the WASH programme. Thanks to this, in 2021 we provided 24,944,567 litres of drinking water in crisis-afflicted regions.