nPooL Planner

The nPooL Planner pool configurator opens the way to new experiences

Quick, easy, efficient

The nPooL Planner pool configurator is the first stage of bringing your pool to life. In three easy steps, choose your pool type, colour, and type of stairs. Our sales representative will then contact you in order to pass on your inquiry to a NIVEKO partner near you. The configuration is commitment-free at this stage and can be changed afterwards.

Choose the
pool type

A skimmer or overflow pool? The choice is yours. 

Choose the
pool colour

Match the perfect colour to your aesthetic.

Choose the
stair type

An exclusive experience starts with the right entrance.

Take the NIVEKO route

NIVEKO pools offer an unlimited number of exclusive combinations. Make the most of all the options and create a configuration that will breathe life into your vision.

Configure your pool