Grenaae family

A symphony of elegance

A symphony of elegance

The modern family house was designed with attention to the finest detail. A sophisticated combination of materials, shapes and colours, this is an elegant house that offers a practical and comfortable place for family life. Choosing a NIVEKO pool for this project really was a win – NIVEKO's corporate philosophy is primarily about the individualism of each customer and adapting the product precisely to suit what they have in mind. 
Stairs along the pool width
The choice of the Skimmer Invisible is absolutely ideal in this case, owing to the combination of style and everyday utility it offers. The unique design of the skimmer holes in the wall itself is both practical and aesthetic – there is no frame to disrupt the clean lines of the pool. What’s more, the well-chosen white of the pool nicely complements the colour scheme of the house, which ranges from white to beige through to dark brown. 
The pool is installed on a gently sloping terrace that connects to the terrace around the house itself. This makes it an organic part of the project. The couple are very happy with the dimensions they chose, 8.4 x 3.6 x 1.5 m, as well as with the classic staircase running along the entire width of the pool.

The Grenaaes originally chose the pool primarily with their children and friends in mind, but as they say, they end up using it themselves whenever they can. The entire project has perfectly lived up to the customer's expectations - everyone is delighted with the innovative yet highly functional design of the Skimmer Invisible pool. 

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