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When the Fust family was thinking about getting themselves a pool, they imagined it as a great addition to their garden, one that would enable them to enjoy real relaxation and well-being without having to travel anywhere. And their NIVEKO pool really did live up to all their expectations. They now see their garden as a perfect oasis, where they can relax and get some exercise, all in the comfort of their own home.
Modern stairs
Ash grey
When Mr Fust was conducting a survey of the pool market, assisted by his garden architect, he opted for a NIVEKO pool for several reasons. The main ones were the individual customization options coupled with perfect technology, including top-quality materials. The pool is made from Hi-Tech Polymer and as the colour runs all the way through the material, it will not change over time. The company the family chose to install the pool was BERRY POOL, which boasts numerous positive reviews, and with the invaluable advice offered by the owners, the Fusts knew they had made the right choice. The owners came up with a specific idea of how the pool should look to ensure that it blended in perfectly with the overall design of the garden.
The pool is located in a picturesque garden nestled amidst the Swiss mountains, which makes swimming in it an unforgettable experience. The house and the pool come together to create a beautiful aesthetic impression. Measuring 13 x 3.00 x 1.46 m, the pool is ideal for freshening up in the summer as well as for keen swimmers. The Modern stairs the family chose are one of Niveko's most popular and practical forms of access to the pool. In addition, the slats are hidden in the slated cover case, a designer feature combined with the efficient use of solar power to heat the pool water and reduce evaporation. Modern design coupled with practicality make for a perfectly harmonious concept. The owners are delighted with the entire delivery and installation process; every step went as smoothly as possible and they were absolutely overwhelmed with joy when they first laid eyes on their new pool. The new pool now forms the centre-point of their garden and is the ideal place to rest and relax.

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