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The Horniman family’s beautiful house is situated less than 3 hours’ drive from London, in the picturesque English countryside with its typical English weather. For this reason, the owners decided to have the pool installed in a hall that is directly connected to the house.
Great Britain
Modern stairs with beach

The owners first met HTP Group, the NIVEKO Profi partner in the UK, at a swimming pool fair, where they discussed what they wanted and the options that NIVEKO offers. The aim was to create a unique place that they could relax and rest in year-round, with a swimming pool taking centre stage.

The light and clean lines of the pool, which is white and 15.0 x 5.0 x 1.35 m in size, complemented by stainless-steel build-in parts from the NIVEKO Plus premium range as well as transparent slats discreetly housed in the slatted cover pit; all of these features come together to make this elegant NIVEKO pool Skimmer Invisible.

The timeless combination of black and white adds an eye-catching air of luxury to the NIVEKO pool. The furniture and accessories have been tastefully chosen to match the design of the pool, which brings the space together to form a perfect whole.

Mr. Horniman is delighted with the professionalism shown by the NIVEKO Profi partner. From design to installation, the entire project went as smoothly as possible. Mr. Horniman is over the moon with the final result and is very proud of his garden’s new main attraction.

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