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The home of Mr Smith’s young family, a house in the original English style, lies in the country of Oxfordshire, surrounded by beautiful countryside. When I was a child, we used to have a swimming pool at home and my sister and I used to romp and splash around in it whenever we could. I wanted to give my children the same chance.
Great Britain
Stairs along the pool width
Ash grey

I decided to get a one-piece pool, as the place we’d set aside in the garden for our pool is not very big. I looked through the options offered by a number of manufacturers, but was immediately taken by the simplicity, design and style of NIVEKO pools on their website, which is designed in the same style.


Initially we contacted several NIVEKO retailers in the UK, but Lewis from HTP was unbelievably helpful and understood just what I wanted. Buying a pool is a big decision and his patience and support helped me enormously. I conducted my own survey, to get a clear idea of which pool to get. After consulting with Lewis, we chose a NIVEKO Skimmer Invisible, the unique design of which creates a minimalist transition between the wall of the pool and where the water drains away.

The pool was delivered exactly as we had agreed and in perfect condition. We are delighted with our NIVEKO pool and very happy that we opted for a NIVEKO and not a traditional concrete pool. I was impressed right from the very start, when I was choosing the pool, when it was delivered and installed and when the pool was very simply connected up to the technical shaft, right through to that wonderful feeling from the smooth surface when I’m swimming in the pool. I strongly recommend NIVEKO and their business partner HTP to anyone thinking of buying a pool.

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