NIVEKO Skimmer Top Level

Processes and solutions proven over the years offer tradition coupled with quality craftsmanship. The Skimmer Top Level offers the best solution of a classic pool.

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The basic skimmer pool type, is always a safe bet. You can opt for an embedded or non-embedded model in the pool wall, which determines the height of the water level. The skimmer itself is available in a standard plastic variant or an exclusive stainless-steel version.

Who is the pool designed for?

If you want a classic skimmer pool design, the Top Level is the best choice for you. A precision-crafted concept, refined in every aspect and enriched by the NIVEKO manufacture’s years of experience.

Where is the pool designed for?

The Skimmer Top Level can be installed outdoors or indoors.
Above-average height of water surface kept by the slim skimmer guarantees minimal water loss when having a good time in the water.

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Veenendaal family
This beautiful villa has been designed down to the finest detail. The precise blend of materials, shapes and colours has resulted in a modern house that radiates elegance while also offering a comfortable place to live. The NIVEKO pool takes this villa to a whole new level of luxury. Perfectly complementing the architecture of the house, it is not merely a water feature, but more a synonym for the perfect combination of elegance and state-of-the-art design.
Type Skimmer Top Level
Country Netherlands
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Veenendaal family