The edge of the pool, discreetly concealed under the surrounding terrace, is a unique solution combining original technology and imaginative design.



The latest overflow model from NIVEKO offers the best of both overflow and skimmer pools. The fact that the overflow edge is hidden under the surrounding terrace guarantees minimal water loss, while the Underflow maintains the high-tech design typical for overflow pools.

Who is the pool designed for?

If your family, friends or just yourself are looking for an exclusive option with little compromise, you’re sure to love the Overflow Underflow.

Where is the pool designed for?

The NIVEKO Overflow Underflow will appeal to anyone who wants a pool in their garden to be surrounded by a wooden terrace, large-format panels or WPC boards. The Underflow was specifically designed to be installed in this way.
The Underflow is the latest addition to the overflow pool range. Its outstanding technology and design, developed exclusively at NIVEKO, is the perfect demonstration of our skills.

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Lange family
The old spa town of Wiesbaden, situated on the right bank of the Rhine, is an idyllic place for peaceful family life. The Lange family lives in a house there, and decided to add the last piece in the jigsaw of their dream life – their own family pool.
Country Germany
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Lange family