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The old spa town of Wiesbaden, situated on the right bank of the Rhine, is an idyllic place for peaceful family life. The Lange family lives in a house there, and decided to add the last piece in the jigsaw of their dream life – their own family pool.
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Following up on recommendations from friends, the Langes contacted Pro Pool, which has extensive experience installing NIVEKO pools. One of the main advantages of NIVEKO pools is the wide range of configuration options available, which the Langes made the most of. They eventually opted for a unique Overflow Underflow measuring 10 x 2.5 x 1.5 m.

The wooden terrace around the pool offers plenty of space for the children to enjoy the water, as well as for evening social get-togethers with friends. As the Underflow overflow edge is hidden beneath the terrace, this is the ideal model for saving water as you swim, while still offering a unique overflow design.
In this pool, the environmental aspect of the NIVEKO philosophy is enhanced by a number of elements – a modern pool surrounded by a wooden terrace, natural materials everywhere you look, as well as the flowering shrubs and the still life backdrop of the trees. The project as a whole beautifully emphasises the family’s modern way of thinking and harmony with nature. This is the first year the Lange’s have had their pool; they spend all their spare time by it and are delighted that they made the decision to get one. The service provided by Pro Pool means they have no worries with their pool and get such a lot of joy and unforgettable moments from it.

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