Horn family

Beauty in simplicity

Beauty in simplicity

Purchasing one’s own pool is an important step, one that should not be taken in a hurry. Many customers prefer to ask their friends and acquaintances for advice and recommendations for a particular product. This was the case with the Horn family, who were recommended by a good family friend to get in touch with NIVEKO’s German Profi Partner, Pro Pool.
Modern stairs with beach
Stone grey
The Horn family went into great detail in the process of selecting their pool, taking around 3-4 years to make their choice, two years of which they spent in contact with Pro Pool. The main reasons they opted for a NIVEKO pool were the brand’s overall concept, as well as the option to have high-quality built-ins fitted, with a long lifetime guaranteed. The Horns had the chance to see for themselves how a NIVEKO pool already installed looks, and this further convinced them that they’d made the right decision.

Owing to the grey and white colour scheme of the Horns’ house and surrounding land, grey was the best choice for the pool colour. Grey inlaid stone was chosen for the Multi overflow channel, and the Horns obtained that themselves. The pool, measuring 10 x 3.6 x 1.5 m, found its home in a garden laid out by a garden designer. The family opted for Modern stairs with shallows.
As expected, everything went perfectly with the delivery and installation of the pool by Pro Pool. The private pool offers a place for relaxing and active entertainment, while adding a unique touch to the garden and the land. This distinctive style, the grey colour scheme that matches the surroundings and the traditionally high quality of a NIVEKO pool were exactly what the Horns had been longing for.

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