Niveko Plus

The result is a unique sum of the individual parts

We develop and test all possible variations. We create the best counter currents, filtration, lighting and other components directly to suit you, your dreams and your needs. We have them made only by our long-standing suppliers, in whom we truest one hundred percent and whom we are able to fully guarantee. We then assemble the individual parts to form a unique whole, which is called NIVEKO Plus.

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First-class technology and functionality

The human mind perceives the world in its entirety, but for a complex impression every detail is of crucial importance. That’s another reason why we pay attention to the very smallest detail.

Niveko plus Niveko plus

Unrivalled quality

Our products and supplier relations have been tried and tested over many years. This enables us to offer an extended warranty for up to 12 years for NIVEKO Plus pools.

Niveko plus
Niveko plus

Personalised design elements

Do you need a pool made of the highest quality components, customised exactly to suit you? We have thoroughly tested everything ourselves and so we can help you to choose the very best.

Niveko plus