The Stening family

The Stening family


During the whole period of drawing plans of our house and finding the right place to build it at, my wife and I have always dreamt about having a swimming pool.  When we found the ground, located next to an amazing lake close to Stockholm, we decided to build a swimming pool immediately.


Stenings Swimmingpool & Spa AB

Year of installation






 “It is the best way of easing stress from day-today work commitments.”

We looked for a durable, top-quality swimming pool with modern look, features and design. The pool had to be the eyecatcher of the garden. We prefer an overflow pool, because it fits better in the surroundings we have.

Family well-being

Our 2 children are adult teenagers, and they do not use the pool intensively. We have a whirlpool next to the pool that we mostly use during the winter. Nevertheless, we lower the water in the pool for the wintersizing, because our Swedish winters are very strong, so we enjoy looking at the water that is lightended with RGB LED and we enjoy our family moment with a glass of good wine.

From the beginning of the season until the end of September we keep the temperature of our NIVEKO at 30 °C. It is a part of our life. We need the time in or arround our pool, because this is the best way of retreat in our stressful and demanding daily business activities. A resting place and eyecatcher all-in-one.