The Spilles family

The Spilles family


The architectural style of the new building owned by this young family from Lower Saxony, is also preserved in the adjacent garden, the dominant feature of which is a NIVEKO Advance pool. We got ourselves a pool mainly as a way to relax and cool off in the hot summer months..


t.t.timme Schwimmbad Sauna

Year of installation






We really like the material the pool is made from, the option to customise the design and the 3D visualisation.

We contacted t.t.timme, the firm which had previously delivered our jacuzzi, wanting a pool which would be exactly according to our requirements, and not a mass-produced pool. Mr Knutzen recommended NIVEKO, and we were very impressed with their range of overflow pools.

Design and installation

We opted for the amazing Advance overflow pool in combination with natural stone. We also very much liked the material the pool is made from, as well as the chance to order it in an individual design. We appreciated the 3D visualization we were shown after the pool specifications had been approved, too. 

The pool was delivered and installed without the slightest hitch under the supervision of t.t.timme. If we had to decide again, we’d definitely choose another NIVEKO pool, except that we’d change the size – 2m longer and 1m wider.