The Silvestri family

The Silvestri family


Near the Swiss town of Baden, in the municipality of Lupfig, there is an oasis of peace and quiet, which is home to the Silvestri family.We like living in the countryside. For us, our pool is like having our own private stretch of lake or sea in our own garden. The water and the sun reflecting off the surface are soothing and encourage us to stop for a while and take a break from the hustle and bustle of life.


Linz & Partner GmbH

Year of installation






 We wanted our pool, house and garden to match perfectly and to visually blend together as regards their materials, colour and shape. And we managed it.

As the house was already built, we were somewhat limited as regards the pool design. We had not heard of NIVEKO before this, but our friend and neighbours had also had a NIVEKO pool installed and are very happy with it. So, we took inspiration from publications as well as from friends, but also from Linz&Partner, the firm that represents NIVEKO and installs their pools in Switzerland, whose staff are true experts in their field. However, the process took some time – we spent 2 years planning, thinking up designs, then expanding on them or rejecting them.


The overall design of our garden also played a major role. The pool, house and garden had to match each other perfectly and share a consistent theme in terms of material, shape and colour. So, various different zones were created with the pool – these being the pool itself, 1.43 m deep, then a bench to sit on, which is really more a designer accessory. The distinctive and broad shallow end is a wet playground for the children, but is also intended to optically soften the transition between the terrace and the pool.

Design individuality and precision craftsmanship

The individuality of the shape and colour of the design, as well as the precision craftsmanship and quality – these were the main criteria for us when choosing a manufacturer. In addition to this, it was also important how much maintenance the pool would need and how quickly the material would wear. So, we soon ruled out prefabricated concrete pools. The price was not such a decisive factor for us, but the quality to price ratio is optimal.