The Mauroo family

The Mauroo family


Whenever they travel anywhere, for the Mauroo family a decent pool is the main criterion when choosing a hotel. Enjoying luxury on a day-to-day basis in the comfort of their own home was the main reason why the family decided to have their own pool installed, so they could enjoy a holiday all year round. The Mauroos decided that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly, so they also had their entire garden renovated at the same time.


Tuinen Ken De Vos

Year of installation






During the last year we’ve enjoyed hours of rest, fun and relaxation with the family by our NIVEKO pool

The Mauroos worked on the project with the NIVEKO Profi Partner Tuinen Ken De Vos. Owing to his extensive experience in the field Ken De Vos offered an in-depth detailed consultation about the pool and all the associated technical details, as well as possible landscaping designs for the garden. NIVEKO was the obvious choice for the Mauroos due to the excellent quality of its materials and craftsmanship at a reasonable price. Another important factor in the family’s choice was that NIVEKO is part of the Belgian Pollet Group.
The Mauroos were looking for one company able to handle everything – the complete installation of the pool and everything that entailed, as well as the general renovation of the garden, including the terrace, gazebo and lighting. From the very first meeting with Ken it was obvious to the Mauroos that they’d found just the right person to bring their dreams and ideas to fruition.
The blue Skimmer Top Level pool, measuring 9×4 m and with steps all along its width, is now the dominant feature of the garden. The Mauroos are delighted with everything about the project – “The delivery, installation, the pool itself, the technology and the service are all first class. During the last year we’ve enjoyed hours of rest, fun and relaxation with the family by our NIVEKO pool. If I had to recommend someone capable of handling the entire project of renovating the garden and installing a luxury pool, it would definitely be Ken De Vos.”