The Koch family

The Koch family


Barely ten minutes’ drive from the commemorative viaduct over the River Ruhr, just a stone’s throw from Dortmund, in a residential neighbourhood of the town of Herdecke, lies the multi-storey home of the Koch family. The house is set into a steep slope, embraced by a wood at the top. My wife and I had always wanted a pool. We are very much into sport and swimming is a big hobby of ours.


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My wife and I had always wanted a pool. We’re very sporty and swimming is a big hobby of ours.

We love exercise out in the fresh air generally. As a doctor, my wife is well aware how healthy this form of exercise is. So, it was clear that our first priority would be to get a pool with a counter current,” smiles Mr Koch. We then ask him why they chose NIVEKO.

Design at first sight

We were once talking about our dream with a good friend of ours, who was also the happy owner of a NIVEKO pool. The choice was clear for us. We were immediately impressed with the design and were soon convinced of the quality by Mr Becker, the regional NIVEKO pool dealer and NIVEKO Profi Partner. Mr Becker from Pools&Ponds was actually recommended to us through the website, and we then sent in a rough idea of what we wanted.

Simplicity and complex technology 

We have a certain taste in style and particularly like simplicity and minimalism. So, it was very important to us that the entire technological system would be comprehensive and easy to clean and maintain. A NIVEKO pool clearly offered all of this. I probably don’t need to add that we are delighted with the result and Pools&Ponds has been (and still is) very obliging and willing to answer any questions we might have, and has been as helpful as can be.