The Bernasconi family

The Bernasconi family


My school friend had a pool at home, where we went almost daily to enjoy playing and swimming. Therefore, as a child I only had one dream; to have a private swimming pool too. Since then, I was always thinking about that. 8 years ago, my wife and me, were looking for a ground to build a new house on. All came back into my thoughts; this ground should be a great place where to have a pool and a suitable place where to lay during the day on the sun.



Year of installation






 Now, when we go on holiday, I always look forward to getting home, to relax by my pool.

And than it just happened; one day, 5 years ago, I was in a discount shop and bought a ground pool with a diameter of 5 m. My wife was surprised when I came home and started to build it up. We already had some Budha statues and our garden furniture for the outside. That summer was hot and we had a great fun with my first pool. I felt like being a happy boy once again…

Four years spent searching

The next summer I made the big decission; I wanted a real in-ground pool. 4 years I have been looking everywhere I could. I asked myself how to do it – where the pool should be in the garden, which concept would fit the best to our house. On the internet, I studied for years all types of pools and finally I found out that what I really wanted was an overflow pool.

Soothing waterfall sound

I went to a lot of fairs and visited several pool builders in Switzerland. The concept of a one-piece pool that would be according to my dreams and wishes would be a big advantage for us.With our garden architect we created the concept that we have had today. Our pool is always open when we are at home. It gives us a great pleasure and relaxation, when the lights are changing colours in the evening. The combination of the background music and the natural sound of a waterfall works just perfectly and is really inspiring. In the morning, my wife always drinks her coffee outside; next to the pool.

A holiday after a holiday

We are extremely satisfied with our pool builder Dinopool and garden landscaping company Hegi, who built up a NIVEKO pool with his own individually developed overflow channel.  Put this on your website pls. We prefer staying at home during the holidays, especially me. If we go on holiday I even look forward to come back home again and to relax at my swimming pool.