The Bauer family

The Bauer family


We have a large family and a lot of friends. All our children and grandchildren are in their element in the water. When the weather is fine the pool in the garden is the ideal place to get together and spend some quality leisure time.We travel a lot and so drew most of our inspiration from hotels and places we visited on holiday. 


Poolcultur GmbH

Year of installation






 We were looking for a quality overflow pool manufacturer. NIVEKO is one of the few, and the only one able to convince us of their worth.

We dreamt of a kind of all-year-round holiday in the garden. We knew exactly what we wanted – an overflow pool suitable for romping around in the water, an effective solar slat cover, a heat pump and, most of all, no fuss or bother with pool maintenance. And with these requirements in mind we looked for a quality overflow pool manufacturer. NIVEKO is one of the few firms that make these pools, but was the only one that convinced us of its value.

First-class design and consultation

On the comopany’s website we found our nearest NIVEKO Profi Partner, Mr Lämmle from Poolcultur. We explained to him what we wanted and in return were provided with an absolutely excellent service, from the initial design through to the follow-up consultation. He was always most willing and obliging. The pool was delivered and installed without a hitch, precise to the minute and very professionally.