The Auerhammer family

The Auerhammer family


I am an independent contractor usually having no free time. Once, during my leisure time, I was on a visit to the lake to have a swim and relax, what is extremely rare. The drive to the lake and back again has done little for rest and relaxation. Also, staying at the lake with no clean water and the annoying attacks of the mosquitoes were also not pleasant.


Arosa Schwimmbad- und Saunatechnik GmbH

Year of installation






As I’d always wanted to live by the water but never managed to, I had the idea of bringing the water to our house.

I could not realize my lifetime desire to live on the water, so the idea was born – to get the water just into my house, because to have the water on site is simply put a pure relaxation without any loss of time

Rays of sunlight all day long

After extensive consultation and information, the mind quickly made up a realisable plan. My house is on the hill and the terrain slopes gently into the valley from where there is a small place. The view towards south-west extends to the horizon where the sun sinks into the forest. The house is pointed and running from the east to the west and the terrace complex is located in the south. We have sunshine from sunrise to sunset.

Due to the slightly falling terrain it made sense to plan a second terrace with pool. Of the existing terrace to the pool terrace, a height difference of 0.5 m and the garden, there is a difference in height reaching from 0.6 to 1.6 m. The view across the valley to the horizon is marvellous, and there is nothing to spoil that at all. So, it is another huge advantage of having the terraces in strong winds and thunderstorms. Also, the leaves and the flying seeds have no access to the pool.

Terrace like the deck of a boat

Many ideas were necessary to finally create a pool terrace with size of 7 x 17 m and a height difference of 0.5 – so, with the addition of 1.6 m in the garden, it would not act as a foreign body. The difference in height towards the garden was broken with using of natural stones that are strung together to form a circulating bed together.

The appearance of the pool terrace was created from my passion for sailing and love for ships. Definitely, it should have the wood and have a ship-like deck character. Then, the pool terrace has been renamed to “pool deck”. The planking with wood exudes warmth and naturalness. Walking barefoot across the wooden planks is a blessing and is reminiscent of a beautiful sailing. The transitions and walls are panelled with wood. When laying, it was necessary to have the planks and columns carried out over the complete height equal. It was also essential to have the fixing screws invisible.

Additional counter current

The size of the pool is 3.5 x 10 m. The length is really sufficient for daily swimming. To trigger the physical power limit, I also installed so-called wave machine. Its special feature is that it is based on the principle of a ship propulsion, namely with a propeller and almost noiseless operation.

The pool has an overflow channel to enjoy the view while swimming. There is no tightness like in a skimmer pools, so the width and the feeling of freedom is well-preserved. The overflow takes any dirt from the surface immediately. The cleaning of the pool is really at a minimum level. The overflow was edged with granite stone to preserve the naturalness there.

Option to change pool technology and colour scheme

The pool itself is made of Polystone. This material can implement the necessary technology at a reasonable cost-efficient ratio. Installation of spotlights, stairs, massage jets and an underwater lying bulge for the solar blinds was also easy.

I have chosen the basin in white color. The play of colors in the sun, the wind, the ice and snow thus remains preserved in its naturalness. It is creating a perfect concord of light effects as well. It was very important for me that the pool can remain filled with water during the winter and not just an empty dark hole.

Saves on time and energy

The installed pool equipment should achieve maximum comfort. The measurement and metering run automatically. The production of chlorine is produced electrolytically from a medical kit acid. Thus, no stabilizers for chlorine are required. Additional chemistry is completely useless. The installation of a UV lamp kills microorganisms and also contributes to the reduction of chlorine value. The filter medium consists of AFM (Active Filter material) and is made from recycled glass. The filter output is much higher than for silica sand. This also contributes to reduce the chlorine usage.

I do The backwashing of the filter manually, and, as for a time consumption, it takes at most 5 – 10 mins a week. The filter pump is controlled by frequency and can be adapted to the necessary circulation characterized with speed, so the energy can be saved. In order to keep the water at a comfortable temperature, solar blinds are used. Also I have connected it with my already existing solar heating. The water temperature can be maintained at 26 – 30°C.

Joy and relaxation

The first bathing season is now slowly coming to the end. I never thought to experience so much joy and relaxation. The crystal clear water creates an incredibly comfortable feeling. My physical condition has increased by daily swimming to 100%.

Toni A.