Mr Schnell

Mr Schnell


Halfway between Frankfurt and Stuttgart lies the village of Hüffenhardt and right on the very edge of that village is the legendary workshop that produces special and custom-made motorbike parts, which is owned by Mr Schnell. And right next door he has his perfect oasis of peace and quiet – a beautiful new house with a pool, which is greatly admired far and wide. As were we building a new house from the ground up, a pool was a must on our list of essentials.


Poolcultur GmbH

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As we were building a house from scratch, a pool was a must on our bucket list.

However, I also wanted a pool that I would not have to spend too much time taking care of and that would be easy to maintain. Naturally, I already had an idea of how I wanted our pool to look – definitely an overflow, with a slat cover and top-of-the-range filtration technology that I would not have to keep too close an eye on. A laminate pool with its risk of osmosis was therefore out from the start. The same for a liner pool, as I was concerned I would have to replace the liner every few years.

Speed and readiness

It wasn’t until I came across NIVEKO that I found a good balance between design quality and features. The firm was very prompt and I eventually opted for Mr Lämmle from Poolcultur as my NIVEKO representative. I have to say that I have met few dealers as professional and competent as he was. His standard of service and advice is just what I require in my business – uncompromisingly exemplary. And the actual installation? Quick, precise and reliable. I wouldn’t hesitate to opt for NIVEKO and Poolcultur again at any time in the future.