Mr Schneider

Mr Schneider


The quiet garden with its tall trees, providing plenty of privacy for this family house near Frankfurt, is perfectly complemented by a NIVEKO Advance pool. We see the pool as being a part of a certain lifestyle, and we make the most of it for both sports and relaxation. Most of all, it had been my wife’s biggest dream since she was a child. Based on recommendations and positive experience of our friends we contacted Pro Pool, and spent some time with them discussing how our pool should look. The best technical solution seemed to be NIVEKO and their designer overflow pools.


Pro Pool Schwimbadtechnik & Zuberhör

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Pro Pool had to life the pool over the house into the garden using a crane. Even so, it all went very smoothly.

We had a clear idea of what we wanted; the pool was to measure 10.0 x 4.0m and would be an Advance type, where the combination of the overflow trough and the natural stone gives a clear line to the shape of the pool. We also wanted steps all along the length of the pool, with a built-in counter current and a heat pump to warm up the pool water. Our narrow drive made the delivery and installation of the pool a rather complicated process. The pool had to be lifted into place over the house by a crane. However, everything went as smoothly as could be and we’re delighted that we chose NIVEKO and Pro Pool to make my wife’s dream come true.