Mr Pedersen

Mr Pedersen


For many years the surroundings of my house were made out of large concrete tiles. I didn’t like it because it looked like a stone desert. Honestly, It was giving a really negative feeling for quite some time. To change this, I originally thought to break the general view by implementing a fish pond. Rapidly, this concept turned into a swimming pool.



Year of installation






Inspired by Nordic design

Before I was in contact with my Danish NIVEKO partner, I had a clear vision what I would like to build: an overflow pool with straight lines, only 90° angles, no round shapes. I never wanted a fiberglass pool because of several technical reasons either. It should have a pure simplicity as my furniture inspired by the Nordic design.

It is wonderful to see the steam rise from the pool when we open the cover in the morning. every time we swim I feel totally relaxed.

I swim 10 to 15 minutes a day, starting from April to October, in a heated pool with temperature at 27-28 °C. Due to our colder climate, we used a special insulation for the pool as well as a cover with solar slats. It is brilliant to see in the morning the steam coming out the cover when you open it. In the morning all the surroundings of our property are completely silent; the only thing you hear is the sound of the overflowing water. That is what we have always wanted: relaxing sounds. Every single time, after our small swimming exercise we feel so relaxed.

Easy to control with an iPad

If we had to buy another pool again we would make the pool longer and install a counter current. We chose a white colour because we like the light blue colour, like at the sea during our holidays. My friends and relatives told me that owning a private pool make you to do some extra work. This is not true at all; everything is controlled by my iPad. The only thing I do is a manual backwash of the sandfilter, which is taking about 10 minutes, and a short cleaning of the tiles once a week.

This NIVEKO pool is indispensable for us. Simply put, we cannot live without it. It is just a pure joy and amusement.