Mr Legenstein

Mr Legenstein


Our family lives in Vienna and my mum has a house in the countryside. As our children become more and more demanding, the harder it is for us to get them away from the computer. And a pool is one of the reasons to look forward to being outside in the country. in fact this was one of the main ideas that prompted us to have a pool installed in the garden.


Pool + Wellness City GmbH

Year of installation






 What we like most about our pool is that the material and the surface are pleasant to the touch. We are glad we chose a white pool – when we fill it up, the water is a lovely sparkling blue colour. 

And why a NIVEKO swimming pool? Well, that was clear enough. We don’t like the ribbed floor on stainless steel pools and stainless steel gets too hot in the sun, and then is too cold when the sun goes down. We didn’t want a concrete pool either, as it always needs a sheet liner, and you get this weird fungal feeling when you walk across the bottom of the pool.

Timeless solution

In the end we found such amazing photos and timeless designs on the NIVEKO website that we decided pretty much straight away. There were not many NIVEKO Profi Partners in Austria back then. As the dealership in Carinthia was too far away for us, we opted for Pool+Wellness City in Lower Austria, as this firm uses its own builders. One of the most important factors for us was the fact that Pool+Wellness City had a display at the “Pool and Garden” trade fair in Tulln in spring 2017, where we had the chance to meet their dealers in person.

When the whole family decides

The whole family were involved in choosing the shape of the pool and how it was fitted: My wife was crazy about the broad shallows part where you enter the pool, as we saw on the photos on the NIVEKO website. For the children we went for relaxation cubes in the back corners of the pool. Right from the start we had planned almost invisible steps into the pool with no railing – also due to the complex cover design we had chosen.

The size was adapted to suit the dimensions of our garden terrace, while we also had to take account of the position of the cover when it was retracted, although in any case the pool was to be 10 metres long. For transport reasons the 4-metre width we had originally planned was narrowed to 3.70 m. I myself wanted another entrance to the pool, this time from the side, but in the end I abandoned that idea due to the cover we had chosen.

Material and surface pleasant to the touch

We were very happy with the way to the pool was delivered and installed. Everything went very quickly and smoothly, the Pool+Wellness City dealership looked after us so well and all the work was done at once. The thing we liked the most is the material, which is so pleasant to the touch, and the surface of the pool. We are also glad that we opted for a white pool – the water is a sparkling blue when we fill it up. Everyone who comes to visit us is greatly impressed with our pool.