Mr Fabio

Mr Fabio


This modern house, situated in a picturesque area in the north of Switzerland, is an oasis of peace and a place for the young family to relax from the stress of day-to-day life. A NIVEKO Evolution pool is tastefully incorporated into the minimalist style of the garden.


Linz & Partner GmbH

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I am impressed by the quality of the product, the interest design and, last but not least, the great recommendations.

We bought a NIVEKO pool mostly for the children and as a place to relax. Did our own survey of the swimming pool market and, acting on a recommendation from OWM, we chose Linz und Partner as the firm to supply and install the pool.

So why a NIVEKO pool? Well, we were convinced by the quality of the product, its interesting design and, last but not least, some great recommendations. We wanted a pool whose design would blend perfectly in with the style of our garden. The ideal choice for us was the Evolution overflow pool, which creates the impression of a smooth transition between the surface of the water and the surroundings of the pool. We opted for a grey pool, which looks very natural, matches the stainless-steel fittings and makes the wonderful blue hue of the water stand out. We’re very happy with our NIVEKO pool and the work of the firm that installed it.