Mrs. Heick

Concert on the waves

Concert on the waves

In a quiet suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark, there is a house of Mrs. Heick, a popular singer. The entire neighbourhood, including Mrs. Heick's home, is covered with woods and the Skimmer Invisible garden pool complements the pleasantly relaxed atmosphere that invites you to relax and gain new energy.
Modern stairs
Having my own pool in the garden is the highest luxury for me; not to mention the fact that it is the NIVEKO pool, which you basically do not have to take care of due to its highly automated maintenance and built-in slatted cover.
People sometimes have doubts before buying a pool, so I was surprised that there is really little work connected to my pool and that it has very low consumption. Before the purchase, I was one of those more sceptical people in our family, but today I could not imagine my life without a pool. This was also supported by the highly professional approach of Jeanette from Berle Pool. The pool has become an integral part of everyday luxury for us.

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