Mr Struffert

Mr Struffert

A place for fantasy and dreaming

Mr Struffert lives with his family in the Tecklenburg region in the village of Ladbergen, located between  Münster and Osnabrück. It might seem that with its name, Landbergen indicates the character of hilly terrain, but the opposite is true. It is a region that offers a view into endless distance without any limits.


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NIVEKO Skimmer Invisible

Perhaps because of the natural presence of the Ladbergen Aa spring, which is located here, Mr Struffert’s family decided to be even closer to water.


They got inspired by the Through Pools & Ponds company, led by Mr. Becker, and had a place created for their children, their distraction, fun and relaxation in their own garden; a place that reminds of the holiday atmosphere in all respects.


There was no specific idea at the beginning of our dream, and we were open to everything else besides our only wish to have the straightforward shapes and lines of the Niveko pool.


The whole project respects the character of the house, but above all the garden, ingeniously covered with all kinds of meadow flowers, creating a unique space for imagination and dreaming.