Mr Struffert

A place for fantasy and dreams

A place for fantasy and dreams

Not every customer knows what he wants, although Mr Struffert from Ladbergen at least knew what he didn’t want: “Not a bathing tub, but a real swimming pool”. First of all, Mr Struffert looked through all the available information and realised that he didn’t like many of the prefabricated fibreglass pools: with their angled walls, rounded edges and odd-looking entrances, they reminded him of a bathtub.
Stairs along the pool width
Stone grey
For his clearly structured family garden, however, he wanted a pool with clean, straight lines, with steps running all along its length and with an unobtrusive, yet visually appealing slat cover to the pool.
The Niveko 8 x 3.2 metre pool that now adorns the Strufferts’ garden, has been delighting everyone in the family since it was first installed. "It’s not just my wife and I that spend so much time in the pool, but also my two young daughters. It’s often impossible to get them out of the pool during the day!”, laughs Mr Struffert. And the relaxing atmosphere by the pool in the evening is enhanced by the attractive LED lighting.

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