Mr Horner’s family

Happiness for everybody

Happiness for everybody

The place where Mr Horner’s family lives in privacy and has found place for a Niveko pool is called Kolsas. Kolsas is a wooded mountain ridge in the municipality of Bærum, nearly 20 km away from the capital, Oslo. This region, which is as close as you can get to nature while still living in reach of the city, is the ideal place to live. It might seem completely inconspicuous at first, but the opposite is true. It is a place full of contrast and beauty.
Modern stairs
Mr Horner’s family, who wanted to provide their close friends and family, especially the children, with a place to enjoy sport, relaxation and fun, as well as refreshment on those sweltering summer days, can rightfully be happy with their choice of a Niveko pool.
The undisguised joy of the youngest members of the family, including the four-legged ones, is proof that the project has lived up to the family’s expectations. By having the pool follow the relief of the garden nothing disrupts its character; in fact, it looks very natural and enhances the perfect appearance of the family house down to the very last detail.

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