Mr Højlands

Scandinavian paradise

Scandinavian paradise

The fjords of Scandinavia are famous all over the world for their beauty, attracting lovers of wild nature every year. And it was in a Danish fjord, far from all the worries of city life, that Mr Højlands and his family decided to renovate the Enebærgården accommodation complex in a style that is both modern and blends in tastefully with the countryside. A new Niveko pool was the icing on the cake.
Stairs along the pool width
When our family decided to buy the Enebærgården complex, it was with the aim of completely renovating the old colony and refurbishing all the premises. That also meant replacing the old pool. After looking on the internet it quickly became clear that the best supplier for us would be Berle Pool & Spa A/S. We chose a beautiful and functional Skimmer INVISIBLE pool, which lived up to all our expectations. We also received excellent customer service, with the staff always ready and willing to answer our questions. We can heartily recommend Berle Pool and NIVEKO.

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