Mr Carqueville



One thing that makes NIVEKO pools stand out is their variability, which allows customers to design their pool exactly how they want it. This unique advantage results from the fact that each pool is custom-made, which opens up a wide range of options for personalization. And it was no different with the project for Mr Carqueville , whose pool reflects his own personality and specific ideas.
Outer angular stairs
Mr Carqueville purchased a NIVEKO pool because he wanted an exceptional and atypical setting to enjoy his daily swimming ritual. While browsing the NIVEKO website he came across a profi partner – DasSchwimmbad , which he chose to build his pool. The overflow ADVANCE is instantly eye-catching with its distinctive lines. The inner stone is slightly below the surface of the water, elegantly blends in with the surrounding space and creates a most aesthetic and luxurious impression.
The pool has very specific dimensions, 25 x 2.5/4 m with a depth of 1.5 m. Not only is it unusually long, it also has custom-designed outer stairs and an aeration bench in the corner. Due to the specific dimensions, it also has two slatted cover pits, which are located outside the pool floor plan and so none of its space is lost. The slat cover means the pool is effectively protected from dirt, the water temperature remains constant, and it also prevents evaporation. This configuration, which they refined to perfection with DasSchwimmbad, provides the ideal space for a swim and to relax.

The pool is installed in a secluded part of the garden and the roof means Mr Carqueville can enjoy his swimming ritual undisturbed at any time of the year. Mr Carqueville is delighted at the chance to swim every day, and also about the aesthetics and quality of his NIVEKO pool.

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