Mrs. and Mr. Plattner

Family is a gift

Family is a gift

Our children and grandchildren were the driving force that led us to the idea to get a NIVEKO swimming pool. We wanted something special and practical at the same time. We spent a long time choosing a swimming pool and looking for the best solution for us and our family. "The NIVEKO pool was the best choice and we are really happy about it."
Inner corner stairs angular
It all started with the fact that the SST Saurwein Schwimmbad Technik GmbH company of Mr. Stefan Saurwein, NIVEKO Profi Partner, who we know in person, is based in our village of Thaur. We had heard about the qualities of the company, so we did not doubt the correctness of our choice. We were looking for the best pool solution that would fit directly into our land and at the same time would not disturb the surroundings, rather the opposite. We wanted the pool to look as natural as possible. Mr. Saurwein was a great mentor who could both listen patiently and had clear arguments.
We are very satisfied with the pool and enjoy it almost every day. Our children use it for sports and entertainment and my wife and I for relaxation. We recommend SST Saurwein Schwimmbad Technik GmbH and the NIVEKO swimming pool to everyone. After a job perfectly done, from planning through construction work to handover, the subsequent customer service is also great. We are glad that with this decision we contributed to the fact that as a family we meet more often and spend time together as often as possible, because family is a gift.

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