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Bringing a drop of the sea home

Bringing a drop of the sea home

We decided to bring a drop of “sea” to our home, rather than moving closer to the fjord in Oslo. We enjoy having visitors at our house, especially when our children invite their friends and relax and sunbathe by the pool. That’s just how we imagined it – we spend more time with our children and get to meet their friends more often. Besides the fact that we all love swimming, the pool really does give the garden a different, refreshing breath of fresh air.
Modern stairs
Stone grey
We are very happy with our new NIVEKO pool. Niveko has the designer features that we want from a pool. And by far the most beautiful pools on the market. We contacted 3 different pool suppliers and selected VaBa basseng, as what they told us was very much in line with what we were looking for. We also fell in love with the Niveko pool portfolio, which is far better than those of its rivals. The alternative for us would be a traditional concrete pool, but that would work out a lot more expensive. We were also slightly worried that the winter in Norway would make tiling a risky option.

We had pictured a pool long enough for a good swim (my wife Nina used to swim competitively). We also wanted our pool to be “rectangular” and not rounded, which is the case with most fiberglass pools. In the end we liked the grey colour, as we live in an old wooden house and didn’t want to the pool to stand out too much.
We are very happy with how the pool was delivered, as well as with the actual pool itself. We were also pleasantly surprised when we found that we could keep the water in the pool during the winter (which we did in winter last year). The technical room works well and the heating is cheaper than we expected. Swimming pools are still not too common in Norway, but some of our friends are now considering buying a pool after visiting us. The summer is relatively short here, but with a pool you really can make the most of those warm days.

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