Dr Ehbrecht’s family

Dr Ehbrecht’s family

Water is the element we love

We had been considering getting our own pool for our garden for quite a long time. We’re all fascinated by water and we love spending warm summer days by it. We looked at various options and solutions for building a pool. There was such a wide range of models on offer and it was very difficult to familiarise ourselves with all the different types of materials, designs and subsequent maintenance, and so following a recommendation we contacted a pool manufacturer directly, NIVEKO.


T.T. Timme

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The pool is exactly what we wanted, and has taken our previously active lifestyle to another level.

After a brief introduction to the product and also to the entire company philosophy we decided to go for a NIVEKO pool. It was just what we wanted as regards functionality and design. NIVEKO recommended its Profi Partner T.T. Timme, based not far from where we live, which did an excellent job of taking care of the whole process, from planning to the construction work, including all the garden landscaping work. Mr Knutzen, the owner of T.T. Timme, arranged a meeting with us, where we outlined exactly what we had in mind.
As we are a very sporty family, we wanted to combine a place for fitness and wellness with a splendid sauna system, all making efficient use of solar energy. We wanted a pool that would offer a broader range of sports activities, so one of the features we wanted in our pool was a counter current. It should also blend in nicely with our garden, and T.T. Timme did a very good job with that.
The building work went very well, far exceeding our expectations. We were also surprised by how precisely the entire process was planned, to ensure it went as smoothly as possible. The whole family now enjoys our new pool to the fullest and we make the most of every day we spend by it.