Sommers family

Like on holiday

Like on holiday

A fondness for swimming as well as a special emotional relationship brought the Sommers family to buying the pool. Based on the recommendations of Pools & Ponds swimming pool company by a friend with good experience, they chose the NIVEKO swimming pool - they had specific and clearly defined requirements: “We were inspired by years spent on holidays. We wanted particularly a swimming pool with wide steps and shallow depth in the front part of the pool, which would be suitable for small children in the future. In order to fulfill our idea to the last detail, we needed a custom-made pool manufacturer.”
Outer angular stairs
My wife comes from France, and we used to go to southern France regularly on holiday. There we rented a house with a swimming pool, which was always nice. And the general warming here in Germany added to this, so having a swimming pool is just worth it for us.
We have spent the first season with our NIVEKO pool. We had a total of 3 weeks to completely prepare the terrace and we personally helped with it all the time. We are absolutely satisfied; the delivery was very timely.

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