Mr Lippens

Pleasure in every size

Pleasure in every size

A well-designed pool can be a fine addition to even a small garden, transforming it into a private oasis. Thanks to its range of configuration options NIVEKO offers individual pool dimensions to suit each customer. This was one of the reasons why Mr Lippens decided to get in touch with Tuinen Ken De Vos, which took charge of the project.
Modern stairs
Enjoying the beautiful summer days in the comfort of your own home, relaxing and seeing the children have fun – you can do all this with your own pool. Mr Lippens decided to make his dream come true together with the NIVEKO Profi Partner Tuinen Ken De Vos. Ken De Vos has the reputation of a reliable supplier in the pool industry, which played a major role in choosing such an important project.

Given the Belgian climate, one of the main criteria was the pool had to be heated, which was no problem whatsoever. The limited space in the garden was also easily resolved by NIVEKO, as each individual pool is made to measure to suit the customer. The Modern steps are a tasteful finishing touch, while the white of the pool and the steps matches the adjacent gazebo and the style of the garden very nicely.
The Skimmer Top Level chosen by Mr Lippens from the NIVEKO pool portfolio proved to be an excellent choice, and fulfils its purpose perfectly, as expected. The entire family is enjoying this new opportunity to relax and the top-class pool care provided by Tuinen Ken De Vos is the icing on the cake of an already highly successful project.

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