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Water inherently belongs to our family

Water inherently belongs to our family

The word summer makes us think of water, a swimming pool and time spent by it. I can’t remember when it was that we first got a pool for our garden, but it’s a long time ago now, during which time our needs and desires have obviously changed. Despite the pleasure we got from our pool, we often had problems with the water quality. The build-up of algae, sediments, debris from trees, sand, not to mention low water temperature, kept us constantly busy.
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As our young children had learned to swim and their friends often played with them in our garden, we decided to buy a bigger pool, including the technology that would take care of the water quality for us, with no maintenance needed. First of all we considered a garden pond, but as we wanted to use the pool for as long as possible during the year, we decided to get a pool that can be heated, thus prolonging the summer season.

We didn’t have clear idea of what was available on the market, so we used the internet to start to look for options, and there were plenty of those. It wasn’t easy to tell the difference between so many different types; we’re not pool experts, after all. Basically, we wanted a pool and the experience that goes with it. One of the offers that impressed us was for Niveko pools.  
We had one definite condition when choosing the supplier, and that was that we wanted one person to handle the entire project and be responsible for the turnkey delivery, let’s say. Any product that did not offer this service was absolutely out of the question.

The project was taken on by the certified firm Pools & Ponds and that was a great choice. Mr Becker, the owner of the company, took charge of the entire project, from the planning stage, through installation to follow-up service. He always had everything very well planned and his experience meant that the process went in a smooth and orderly manner. We were very happy with the delivery and subsequent service, proof of which can be seen in the fact that we have recommended Pools & Ponds, with their exclusive Niveko pools, to lots of our friends, many of whom have also bought Niveko as a result.

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