The Coen family

The perfect combination of blue and green

The perfect combination of blue and green

Natural colours can create the most beautiful scenery. The combination of the blue sky reflected on the surface of this pool surrounded by greenery just goes to show that beauty lies in simplicity. The Coen family can enjoy this sight every day – their garden with their NIVEKO pool is the place where they relax and enjoy good times with their family.
Modern stairs
Stone grey
Mr and Mrs Coen and their two children live an active life to the fullest. Swimming is one of their favourite sports and so the idea of getting their own pool at the same time as having their entire garden renovated was an obvious choice. The chance to spend more time together, relax and also enjoy some healthy exercise is the ideal combination of something pleasant and useful at the same time.

The Coens did not have much experience in choosing a pool, so their opinion was based on what they read about the pool market on the internet. They contacted several companies, but Ken De Vos, who provides the full range of garden design services, including NIVEKO pools, was clearly the right choice. His warm and obliging approach and his enthusiasm for the project, coupled with his great technical expertise, also played a major role.
The practical Skimmer Top Level pool is an excellent choice for customers who are looking for a standard design, while the grey colour scheme goes very well with the colourful palette of the surrounding architecture and patio. At 9 m long it offers plenty of space to enjoy the water, which was important to the Coens. One of their requirements was that they wanted the steps to be less conspicuous – the NIVEKO Modern steps were prefect in this respect. The rectangular lines are by now a characteristic feature of NIVEKO pools, something the family was very pleased with.

The Coens make the most of their pool every day. The sight of the pool being delivered and installed was a real spectacle for the neighbours, too. As the Coens themselves say – there is nothing better than treating yourself to a refreshing few lengths in your own pool!

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