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A scene of peace and well-being by the pool

A scene of peace and well-being by the pool

The Theisens decided to make their garden an exceptional haven of peace and well-being by having a pool installed. After discussing the matter in detail with Zörkler & May it was clear that NIVEKO, offering a wide range of configuration and pool feature options, would be the right choice. The next step was then to choose a suitable type of pool.

Apollo stairs
The family opted for the elegant Advance overflow model, whose dark lines of black stone make an unforgettable impression. The natural black granite all the way around the perimeter of the pool make it an extremely distinctive feature of the Theisens’ garden. The fact that they specifically requested a pool measuring 9.1 x 3.6 x 1.3 m was no problem whatsoever for NIVEKO – manual custom production means that pools can be made in a wide variety of sizes. The classic white of the pool contrasts nicely with the dark stone.

Astral plastic built-ins were installed into the pool, which in no way detract from the overall impression. The Aquadeck PC solar metallic solar slats are a very pleasing complement to the project as a whole. The Theisens’ pool has steps all along its width, making it as convenient and comfortable to use as possible.
The pool installation process was carefully planned down to the finest detail. NIVEKO always delivers its pools at pre-arranged times, and this project was no different. The truck arrived at the site on D-day and the show could get started. Step by step – lifting the pool off the truck, placing it in the pre-prepared hold, and concreting it in. Just a few days later everything was ready and the project was handed over to its delighted owners.

Looking back, Zörkler und May are very proud of the project they installed for the Theisen family. Within six months of the first meeting in November 2019 the pool was installed in March 2020 and the finishing touches were completed in April. This year the Theisens couldn’t wait for the start of the season, as they were the first to have a pool made ready in spring by Zörkler und May.

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