The Fechter family

The Fechter family


The Austrian Tirol Alps hide a piece of private paradise. At the very border of Austria and Germany, in the village of Niederndorf, surrounded by noble mountains like from a postcard, a local entrepreneur has built a luxurious three-floor villa. On the lowest floor, there is literally a wellness complex that could almost equal an aquapark. Swimming pool, sauna, showers, dressing room and relaxation area – all in privacy and comfort of your own home.


SST Saurwein Schwimmbad Technik

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NIVEKO Overflow Advance

It was a great choice, I am very happy, the pool gets cleaned almost by itself.

I’m actually that wellness type of a person and I‘ve always wanted to have my own pool. Besides, the summers are getting warmer and the public swimming pools are getting fuller and I don’t like that. When I employed a person to build this house for my family and me, I received a recommendation from him to Mr. Stefan Saurwein from the SST Saurwein Schwimmbadtechnik company. He introduced NIVEKO pools to me.

Complex solution

I immediately liked the material from which they are made. The pools are supplied in one piece, including pipes and built-ins, and what is more, I could determine the dimensions of the pool with the precision of centimetres – so there was no space to hesitate. The last thing to do was to choose the colour, and as the whole building is marked by natural grey granite, we have also chosen mystical grey for the pool – look how the sun’s rays are beautifully reflected in it. It was a great choice, I am very happy, the pool gets cleaned almost by itself, the filtration technology and water treatment work perfectly well and the installation took place similarly smoothly.