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Welcome change

About half an hour from Zurich, in the Swiss canton of Aargau, you can find the picturesque town of Remetschwil where satisfied owners of the NIVEKO pool live. “We love the element of water in our beautiful garden, it is our oasis of peace and relaxation. Nothing can last, we had our old swimming pool for a long time and finally we decided to change it completely. By coincidence, we were discussing that at home and our gardener recommended us Linz & Partner GmbH swimming pool company that convinced us that NIVEKO is exactly what we were looking for and that finally completed the project for us.”
Modern stairs with beach
The stunning villa in the futuristic architectonic style is a unique piece of work itself and the garden with the pool just complete the whole spectacle. The grey edging of the white pool adds a twist to the NIVEKO Advance Whisper overflow pool and non-violently highlights the lines of the terrace.
To fine-tune the pool design, details such as grey stone on the stairs surface or perfectly embedded built-in from stainless steel were used. So that nothing could disturb the minimalist appearance, the slat cover was cleverly concealed in the roller shaft. “It was a great decision, we are very happy about the procedure of construction, which was very professional, and also with the quality of the pool itself.

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