Mr Hammer

The very definition of a timeless style

The very definition of a timeless style

Mr Hammer had a clear vision right from the start – he wanted to complement the modern architectural gem of his house with a pool that would be just as impressive. He wished for the pool to copy the unconventional shape of the house and NIVEKO, with its ability to adapt the shape and size of the pool down to the finest detail, was by far the best choice.
Apollo stairs
Mr Hammer opted for an overflow type of pool, whose design and features would match the house. The main decision then was to choose the material used to make the pool – he was initially considering a stainless type. However, the unquestionable advantages of NIVEKO pools led Mr Hammer to choose a model made from High-Tech polymer material. The outstanding craftsmanship and the company’s feel for detail, combined with quick and easy installation, were very persuasive arguments in favour of this.

Mr Hammer heard about NIVEKO from the architectural studio with which he planned the entire project. They put him in touch with the NIVEKO Profi Partner DasSchwimmbad, after which they were in close contact to discuss Mr Hammer’s wishes and ideas. The project was primarily focused around the unique design of the house, and the Overflow Advance proved to be the perfect adornment to the garden.
The resulting project is identical to the original plans drawn up by the architect, down to the finest detail. Heat pumps mean that the pool can comfortably be used even in November, with the water at a temperature of 28°C. The fully automated system guarantees that the pool is completely maintenance-free and exceptionally comfortable and convenient for its owner.

Measuring an impressive 15 x 5 x 1.5 m, the pool is an imposing feature of the garden, in unique symbiosis with the house. The black stone alongside the pool also beautifully matches the colour scheme of the house, while the white of the pool is a colour that will never go out of fashion. As the shallow part is designed exactly according to the shape of the pool, the main body of water for swimming is elegantly separated from the paddling area, which the shallows are perfect for. The white Apollo steps further accentuate the overall impression of the project – a unique and stylish gem, tastefully designed down to the tiniest detail.

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